Name:  Michelle Walters

Position:  Project Manager

Years at T&M:  2 years

What is something that you are working on or have worked on while at T&M that you’re particularly proud of?

I’ve been in charge of several renovation projects that are part of the ‘rebirth’ of Antioch College in Yellow Springs. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this time of growth for the College.What is something that you are working on or have worked on while at T&M that you’re particularly proud of?

What do you think sets T&M apart from other construction firms? What makes us different?

There is a sense of community responsibility from the upper level managers that trickles down to all personnel. It’s a wonderful feeling to know we’re doing this work for more than just making a buck. That is the most notable difference between us and other firms. We get into the ‘shoes’ of our clients and realize we’re building a dream, not just a building. Of course we do quality work too!

What are your favorite things about your job?

I enjoy getting to work with so many different personalities, both in and out of the office. My workload changes daily, which keeps me on my toes and introduces me to things I haven’t done before. I am continually growing professionally and personally because of this job.

How do you and those you work with exhibit cooperation and collaboration?

Open communication has been the most important factor in cooperation and collaboration between my coworkers and me. Not being afraid to ask for help with a task or when I have a question allows for others to share their knowledge with me versus trying to handle everything on my own. Again, the T&M personalities have made this an easy task.

What was your first construction project, and what did you enjoy the most about it?

I was a quality control inspector for a Wal-Mart project in Waynesboro, PA. I enjoyed watching the project go from an empty field to a completed building. It was a unique experience to be a young female working out in the field, and it has helped me grow as a professional.

My first T&M project was an entrance fountain renovation at Wittenberg University. This was the entrance all current and prospective students entered, so it had to be perfect. It was nice to see all of the hard work. I still have a picture of the completed project on my desk.

Do you remember your first day at T&M?

Yes – everyone was very nice and sociable. I was introduced to everyone, from the administrative people to the owner of the company. They even took me out to lunch as a ‘welcome.’ What’s nicest about that is that the sense of family hasn’t gone away simply because it’s no longer my first day. It has continued.

Who inspires you to work your hardest and why?

I am mostly self-motivated, but having people around me that are also deeply involved in their work and make it purposeful, further motivates me. The T&M team is built with motivated people. It’s also a great inspiration to know that your opinion matters.